Workshop for internal changes to a semi-detached house in Altrincham

Kalyan and Sheeba have just purchased a 3 bedroom semi-detached house in Altrincham, and have many ideas of how they could change the house to better suit their needs.


At Pride Road we are very open about budgets and costs, so we discussed their budget of around £25,000 for improving their kitchen and doing some internal changes.


In their 2 hour concept design workshop, they considered seven different options. They like the variety of the options and how they are different to what they had initially envisaged.


Sheeba likes the first idea of swapping the kitchen and dining room. They both like the last idea that puts the utility room and downstairs toilet at the side of the house, and rearranges the kitchen.


They discussed putting a conservatory on the back, which they are unsure about. They’d like to make the internal changes first, to see how they turn out and if they have funds left over for it. Understanding their hesitance, Lisa encouraged them to understand the cost and value of their options before making any decisions.

Kaylan and Sheeba are excited to get started on their project. Here’s a very successful case study of a similar property.

I quite liked a couple of them because they were different to what we envisaged within that space, and it was nice to see how things can be rearranged and to understand the space better.

It was nice to see how things can be rearranged and to understand the space better.

It was fun to come up with many different options for Kaylan and Sheeba. It's an interesting challenge to make sure they're all in their budget.
Pride Road

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