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To renovate or to move home – what you should know

25/03/2020, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

So, your family has grown and your kitchen is outdated, and the home you once loved just isn’t quite working…

Pride Road’s Response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

24/03/2020, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Dear friends,  Here at Pride Road, we are committed to providing the bespoke architecture service that we’re proud of, that…

How Big Can My House Extension Be?

27/02/2020, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

One thing we get asked is ‘how big can my house extension be?’ or ‘how much can I extend my…

10 Tips For a Warmer Home & Home Extension

16/01/2020, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Effective Tips For A Warmer House Extension One of the most important things to consider when you’re planning a house…

How to Fit Everyone in Your Home for Christmas 2020

03/01/2020, by Magdalena Haener, 0 comments

Did you have all the space you needed for your family this Christmas and New Year? As we turn into…

Downsizing in Dorset

27/12/2019, by Laura Simpkins, 0 comments

Our clients moved to Dorset to be near grandchildren and to enjoy all that this wonderful area has to offer…

Pride Road’s newest Lioness arrives in New Forest and Bournemouth

18/12/2019, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Pride Road New Forest & Bournemouth opens for business 6 Jan 2020 Laura Simpkins is an architect with 20 +…

Business Networking for Women in Manchester – July 2019

04/07/2019, by David Johnson, 0 comments

Join Magda, Pride Road Architect & Francesca, founder & designer of Design by Helium Kitchens in Manchester for this special…

Top Tips for Looking After Your Mental Wellbeing

16/05/2019, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 During Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, here at Pride Road we have been reflecting on…

When is the best time of year to build an extension?

19/04/2019, by Liverpool South, 0 comments

Building a house extension can be a disruptive and long process for a home owner, especially if you’re living in…

Common mistakes to avoid when extending your Home!

17/04/2019, by Liverpool South, 0 comments

Extending your home can really add value to your house and can dramatically enhance your space and the way you…

5 Top Tips for Designing a House Extension!

17/04/2019, by Liverpool South, 0 comments

Designing a house extension that will enhance your home and the way you live involves much more than just plonking…

Ladies Brunch Networking in Chorlton

01/04/2019, by Magdalena Haener, 0 comments

Tomorrow on the 2nd of April, Magda the local Architect from Pride Road South Manchester will stop designing houses and…

Have you met your local Urmston architect?

01/04/2019, by Magdalena Haener, 0 comments

Urmston is an area that’s been receiving some serious media coverage recently for its indie vibes, good schools and affordable houses….

International Women’s Day 2019

04/03/2019, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

This Friday (March 8) is International Women’s Day 2019, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements…

Grand Design-ing Your Future!

21/12/2018, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much I recently returned from Grand Designs Live where…

Who Lives in a House like this?

24/10/2018, by Liverpool South, 0 comments

Many of us are avid viewers of Grand Designs – and some of us get to star alongside the host….

Pride Road Liverpool launches it’s first ever Constructive Together event!

24/10/2018, by Liverpool South, 0 comments

On 11th October Pride Road Liverpool South launches Liverpool’s first ever Constructive together event at Oh Me Oh My on…

Fancy a Working Lunch with Me at Grand Designs?

29/09/2018, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Whoever cooked up the name for TV show Grand Designs when it first aired in 1999 (that’s right almost 20…

How long does it take to get permission for an extension?

20/09/2018, by Liverpool South, 0 comments

By the time most people decide that they definitely want that house extension, they usually want it tomorrow! Of course…

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