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All of the design hints and tips from the Pride Road Architects – covering home renovations, extensions and much more

5 Top Tips for Avoiding Cold Weather Damage to your Home this Autumn

19/09/2023, by Laura Simpkins, 0 comments

As we receive news of the first frost of the year, it’s time to think about our homes and what…

Sandy explains a bit about Permitted Development Rights

12/09/2023, by Sandy Hickey, 0 comments

As part of my quest to make my new house warm and cosy, I had my chimney stacks taken down….

Keeping cool in hot weather – 5 options for your home

21/06/2023, by Magda Haener, 0 comments

Even in Manchester, 28 C is just too much sun. Home to Pride Road Architect Magda who she says she struggles to…

Do you want to be an Architect: here are some top tips for getting started

29/05/2023, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Welcome, aspiring architects! Are you a creative problem solver who loves to build and create? If you enjoy activities like…

#FeatureFocus Picasso in the airing cupboard

26/04/2023, by Sandy Hickey, 0 comments

“I like this photograph partly because it looks like a cubist piece of artwork,” says Sandy Can you see the…

Internal Door Options

13/04/2023, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

There are several types of internal doors. if you live in period properties, either Victorian or 1930s. Then you are…

5 Top Design Tips for Dining Rooms

30/03/2023, by Shuahra Rahman, 0 comments

As an architect, designing a dining room can be both exciting and challenging. A dining room is not just a…

Should you choose Underfloor Heating or Radiators for your Extension?

25/03/2023, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water or electricity through pipes or wires that are installed beneath the floor surface….

Bio-based materials

16/03/2023, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

The Pride Road Architects (aka the Lionesses) meet regularly to undertake CPD, share knowledge and to learn about new materials….

Products and Finishes for Your Project

16/03/2023, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Shows Whether you are thinking about your dream extension, or you are in the middle of a project, or you…

#FeatureFocus IKEA faves from the Pride Road team

05/01/2023, by Laura Simpkins, 0 comments

The Pride Road Team’s top 6 items from IKEA The Pride Road team loves a trip to Ikea. We are…

#FeatureFocus – BGV Thermo Blocks

14/11/2022, by Sandy Hickey, 0 comments

Spotted by Sandy at Batimat Paris (the construction trade show) she says that they remind her of childhood Lego bricks….

What Can You Get for a £100k Renovation Budget?

15/09/2022, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Are you considering home renovations but not sure how much it’s going to cost? Pride Road have recently completed two…

Hybrid Working, Multipurpose Rooms and Decluttering in Your Home

16/05/2022, by Laura Simpkins, 0 comments

Hybrid working presents lots of challenges, distractions and duties in our homes, watch Residential Architect Laura Simpkins discuss some of…

How to avoid cowboy builders

08/02/2022, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

For many people thinking of renovating their homes or property, one of the most important questions is where and how…

5 Tips for Keeping Your Loft Conversion Cool

04/09/2021, by Shuahra Rahman, 0 comments

1. Ventilation 2. Lighter colours 3. Insulation 4. Windows 5. Shutters/blinds The Details Matter Book A Free Consultation

7 Creative Home Office Ideas

04/09/2021, by Shuahra Rahman, 0 comments

1. Turn a part of your open plan space into your home office 2. Alcove office 3. Multi-use home office…

Should I Buy An Ugly House?

25/05/2021, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Do you dream of a symmetrical, imposing Geogian manor house? But is your budget more suited to a 1960’s chalet…

Can I Extend My Extension?

24/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Lisa conducts an online workshop in which she explains, using Lego, her client’s options for extending her extension. The client, Elizabeth, found the workshop “very informative and eye opening for all the different options that we could consider.”

10 Tips For a Warmer Home & Home Extension

16/01/2020, by Lisa Raynes, 0 comments

Effective Tips For A Warmer House Extension One of the most important things to consider when you’re planning a house…

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