Designing with Pride: why we think of ourselves as lionesses

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

02/05/2023, in Main Blog

The Pride Road Lionesses (l to r Laura, Magda, Lisa, Sandy, Shuahra) Pic copyright Phil Tragen 2021

As  Pride Road’s Founder Lisa sees it “We are lionesses because we are fierce, we are protective, we work together, we’re cool, savvy and no-nonsense. Our name is a reflection of our values and mission. It represents the strength, unity, and pride of women in architecture, while also speaking to the importance of creating spaces that people can call home.  We are very proud of our name, Pride Road.”

A name is much more than just a label. It holds power and significance, representing a brand’s identity and values. When it comes to businesses especially in the design and architecture industry, the name plays a crucial role in building a strong and recognisable brand image.

Pride Road is a UK-wide network of female-led architectural practices that specialise in providing bespoke architectural services to homeowners. Our company’s unique selling point is its commitment to providing a personalised, client-focused service that delivers exceptional results. Founded in 2016 by architect Lisa Raynes, Pride Road has grown to become a recognised name in the architecture industry, with “lionesses” running practices in the North West, Surrey, Warwickshire and Hampshire.

But what makes the name “Pride Road” resonate?

“Pride” is a powerful word that evokes a sense of strength, courage, and confidence. In the animal kingdom, pride is associated with lions and lionesses, who work together as a team to protect their family and territory. This resonated with Lisa as she sought to create a strong female brand for her architecture franchise. The name Pride Road is a reflection of the strength and unity that women can bring to the field of architecture.

“Road” is a simple and familiar word that is commonly associated with houses and homes. It creates an immediate connection to residential architecture and speaks to the importance of creating spaces that people can call home. The combination of “Pride” and “Road” creates a powerful and memorable brand name.

The “Pride Road” logo also has a personal connection for Lisa. The colours come from a personal story from the time she was featured in a national newspaper with the colours orange, brown, and ochre, which she loved. These colours are prominent in the Pride Road graphic identity, and represent warmth, approachability and home. The street sign layout of the logo is a nod to the urban environment where many of the practice’s projects are located. All of these elements come together to create a cohesive and meaningful brand identity.

We are lionesses – hear us roar!