Everything You Need to Know About Sutton

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

21/01/2022, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

Are you thinking of moving to Sutton but lacking information on what makes it stand out as an optimal place to live? In this short guide, residential architect Shuahra Rahman has everything you need to know about Sutton.

An Overview of Sutton

Sutton is located in the London Borough of Sutton, serving as the district’s main town. The area finds fame as a commuter hotspot allowing quick access to London and a location with a robust retail economy.

Many view Sutton as a town that provides an excellent balance between suburban and urban life and offers the qualities of a smaller residential area with the allure of urban amenities. The site is heralded as an idyllic location for young families with deficient crime levels, space, and plenty of activities.

Is Sutton a Good Place to Live?

We can deduce the quality of life in Sutton by breaking down the three most significant and desired living factors – education, amenities, and transport.

  1. Education

Sutton has some of the top-performing schools in the Greater London area, ranging from primary to higher education. You’ll find quality primary and secondary schools for both girls and boys, including the adult education centre of Sutton College.

The London Borough of Sutton has repeatedly produced the best GCSE results in all of England, underlining the education quality for families that choose to live in the area. You can compare the educational results of each school here.

  1. Amenities

The town is London’s sixth-largest shopping area, so those residing in Sutton never are short of any amenities. The town centre is under extensive redevelopment to add even more hotels, restaurants, and high-end retail.

Many global companies find Sutton an attractive hub for that very reason. There are vast arrays of shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, street markets, and many leisure activities.

You’ll even find ‘green walls’ in the area, designed to accommodate the local wildlife and reduce the carbon footprint of the urban environment. Sutton is committed to a better quality of life for its residents and visitors.

  1. Transport

Sutton offers transport options highly coveted by the local populace. Sutton Station, the town’s biggest rail hub, allows travellers to get to Central London in just over 25-minutes.

There are also links to many other popular towns and regions, including buses and coaches to accommodate travel. Coaches are regular to London Gatwick and Heathrow Airports, too.

  1. What are Houses Like in Sutton?

The houses in Sutton make ideal family homes, with the majority developed as two-to-three bedroom houses in the 1920s and 30s. Home styles vary from warm and inviting townhouses to more elegant art deco and Edwardian houses. Still, most come no more than a stone’s throw away from green spaces.

Sutton will offer families plenty of accommodation options, including flats and detached houses, all with their own urban and smaller-town charm.

Should I Move to Sutton?

Sutton has become increasingly popular for younger families that desire a commuter hub to the city yet seek more space to raise children. The housing is more affordable than inner-city dwellings. The schools are superb, the amenities are extensive, and it’s quick to get to Central London.

If you are an urban professional with children, Sutton will make an excellent location to move to.

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