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Magda Haener

by Magda Haener

24/01/2018, in Main Blog | Pride Road Architects Press

Our Manchester Architect is getting famous

Last September Debitoor featured an interview with one of our Manchester architects who specializes in residential architecture – Magda from Pride Road.

Pride Road Manchester South is a small practice with a big heart. Not only does Magda draw the dream design for her clients but she also runs a community consultation where clients can come to see her in various locations across all of South Manchester. Magda is testing regular times for this free consultation – Ask the Architect  – currently Wednesdays from 2-3pm in Barbakan – the favourite bakery of of the area.

What makes Magda a unique Architect?

Apart from the free consultation session, Magda runs Pride Road Manchester South.

One thing that makes her special is that the concept design sessions are run with her clients at the table – the design happens live in front of them. The size of the designs ranges from small internal alterations to large home extensions with loft conversions.

Another unique aspect of Magda’s architectural practice is her background from Europe. This means she can bring a different perspective on comfort and ergonomy. She has lots of fresh and non-standard solutions to typical problems with light, space, storage and waste pipes.

If you’re looking to extend your house or do internal alterations you definitely want to talk to her.

Magda can help with all sorts of issues. These are a couple of the challenges that her clients have thrown at her in the past.

Budget – Can I build it for £10k?

Light – My kitchen is so dark!

View – I can’t see my garden!

Space – I have no space to keep all my stuff/children/guests!

Design – I don’t like my flat roof dormer. 

All of these problems can be solved by an architect. A good architect will propose a couple of solutions to choose from. They should then allow changes to the design to get the final  – “Yes I love it!

Magda our Chorlton and Urmston Architect will certainly not leave her clients in limbo whether they like the design or not. There is always a solution to any problem and as a team, Magda and our technical associate Alan work to solve all the tasks that face the design process.

Is Pride Road local to you?

Pride Road is known across the North West but Magda mainly works in South Manchester. She is our Chorlton, Urmston and Sale Architect. Magda can also travel to Worsley, Prestwich, Monton and even Whitefield.

Looking for a Residential Architect in Manchester?

If you’re looking for a local Manchester Architect Magda will come straight your own house for a free consultation or a design workshop session.

Recent property movement in Urmston and other South Manchester locations had made local Architects really busy. To move your project design forward Magda and her Pride Road team offer concept design workshops.

From £300 you can benefit from an Architect’s advice and receive a sketched design in 1:50 scale that will allow your builder to price it off or even build it straight if it consists of only internal changes.

If the project is more complicated than just removing the walls we recommend clients to watch our short video on What does an architect do?

Would you like to book a workshop or consultation with Magda?

You could ask for a free additional hour if you book a workshop straight away and skip the consultation all together!

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