Making an offer on a house? Find out if you’ll be able to extend

Have you thought about whether that new home has long-term options?

The excitement and chaos when buying a home can be pretty overwhelming. And whether it’s your first property or a next step on the ladder, there will be plenty to think about. So it’s not surprising that many people don’t think about the longer term and if they will be able to extend the house at a later date.

The architects at Pride Rd will often accompany buyers to a property to advise on what these longer-term options might be – and can advise on whether or not a full planning application is something you will be likely to face. This can play a big role in whether or not you might want to buy, so its best to know up front what the options are rather than find out later that there aren’t any.

And if you decide to book a workshop with us, we can build all of this into the cost so you can start planning an extension or project before you exchange. This means if your plans are more immediate, you can really hit the ground running with building works when you are in possession of the keys.

But our design workshops don’t just help those who want to go ahead with an extension; they can also help when it might not be the right decision. Check out the testimonials below, which highlight just such occasions where we were able to help our clients find the right solution for them.

“The design workshop was really useful and allowed us to work through a lot of ideas. Perversely though, I think it has put us off doing the extension. [Lisa was] right in that the extension over half of the return would be lots of hassle and money for not much additional space. We therefore feel that we will simply spend some money on a new kitchen and a general refurbishment of the downstairs space. Thank you for your time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.”

Alice, ground floor extension, Hale

“We thought [Lisa’s] work was excellent and addressed many of the requirements we had. After some consideration, we actually decided against proceeding, due to the fact that we would still have struggled with the small and relatively dark garden. If we had built up on the side, it would have resulted in less light to the garden. Your services however were very good and we would be happy to recommend them.”

Viki and Mark, ground floor extension

However, while the design workshop can often be just what people need to answer the question of whether to ‘love it or list it’, it can often turn out some easy decisions – particularly where a small internal reconfiguration is enough to get some quotes in and start making changes. Like in the examples below…

“Builders start tomorrow. It will be completed in 3 weeks. So all finished by the end of the month! Really enjoyed the session. Very informative, insightful and helpful. Helped speed up the project.”

Annie Edward, kitchen reconfiguration, Worsley

“The service was excellent. The session gave us the opportunity to explore and consider options we probably wouldn’t have thought of without your support. We found the session very useful and was exactly what we needed to give us some ideas on what could be done with house.”

Joy and Jon, ground floor reconfiguration Chorlton