#FeatureFocus IKEA faves from the Pride Road team

Laura Simpkins

by Laura Simpkins

05/01/2023, in #FeatureFocus | Design Hints and Tips | New Forest & Bournemouth Blog

The Pride Road Team’s top 6 items from IKEA

The Pride Road team loves a trip to Ikea. We are homeowners, some of us are mums and we all love a bit of space saving on a budget and here are 6 of our favourite Ikea items:

1 Clear Jars

These clear glass jars are amazing for making you feel like a domestic goddess. Label them with all the different types of sugar, flour and baking goods that you have hanging around. Decant and display them. Laura found that this encouraged her children to do some baking with their friends or on a rainy day as they could see what was available and it was inspiring to be reminded of how quickly a batch of cupcakes could be produced

2 Storage cubes

This item has had numerous lives in Laura’s house. It is a rare family with young children that doesn’t own this product. Great for toy storage ours has also in its time stored Lego, craft products and gardening items. It has had a turn in each of the children’s rooms when they had larger toys and is currently in the youngest’s room full of soft toys, remote control cars and hidden sweets. At one point it was used in Laura’s home office, the cubby holes are an ideal size for large architecture books.

3 Shelving

This shelving unit is something that Lisa swears by for storage of her workshop drawings. These are A3 drawings on tracing paper, stored in plastic sleeves. They need to be kept for many years because sometimes client’s return to projects after a few years break while they save up for a project. This unit is great because it the shelves are adjustable. In this case Lisa needs them quite close so that just a few workshops are stored in each hole, that way they can be sorted through to find the right one when her client is on the phone.

4 Shoe storage

Laura loved this Trones Ikea shoe storage in her old house. At £10 per unit, each stored 3 pairs of shoes. She created a ‘wall’ of these so that it looked like bespoke storage. As a family of 5 there are a lot of shoes and this was a great solution that lots of friends copied.

5 Coat hooks

Sandy bought this TJUSIG hanger for a door for £7 for her new bedroom. It’s really useful, especially when she has visitors. Her hallway is all doors and no space for hooks. She just has to turn it round to the hall side and has an instant solution for visitor’s coats as you see in the photo. At the end of the event it disappears again. She is so pleased with it that she is planning to get another couple for other doors in anticipation of a house-warming party!

6 Soap dispensers

During the wash your hands stage of the pandemic Magda gave these to clients filled with soap. They made great presents and were very appreciated. We love to think that they live on in many a downstairs loo!