#FeatureFocus Picasso in the airing cupboard

Sandy Hickey

by Sandy Hickey

26/04/2023, in #FeatureFocus | Design Hints and Tips | South Warwickshire Blog

“I like this photograph partly because it looks like a cubist piece of artwork,” says Sandy

Can you see the face? But what else makes her smile about this picture is the fact that this domestic hot water tank is exceptionally well insulated.

It belongs to a friend of Sandy’s who lives in a Passivhaus. Her house is designed to use very little energy but to give maximum comfort summer and winter.  And if you wouldn’t turn your heating on in a heat wave, why allow your hot water tank to overheat you in the summer?

If you are buying a new tank, just do what Sandy’s friend did, when ordering a standard British made tank, she just asked them to spray a lot more insulation round it. As easy as that.

If you have an existing tank, get arty and start wrapping it in some more insulation!