A Guide to Residential Architecture in Allerton

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

13/07/2017, in Liverpool Blog | Main Blog

The L18 area of Allerton Road and Mossley Hill in Liverpool is one of the most sought after places to live in Liverpool. The area boasts good schools, beautiful surroundings, a lovely community vibe, great local amenities and shops, more restaurants cafes and bars than you could wish for, and it’s only 15 minutes drive from the centre of the city! All of this on offer with the feeling that you’re way out in the suburbs and you can see why the area of Allerton and Mossley Hill is so popular with families and those climbing the housing ladder.


Below we have compiled a list of 5 streets in L18 that show what housing the area has to offer for a range of budgets.


  1. Allerton Road

Think of Allerton road and we think of the lovely shopping area in Liverpool filled with more shops, cafes and restaurants than you could shake a stick at, but Allerton road doesn’t end there. It’s two mile length houses some beautiful detached houses opposite Calderstones Park. The average house price on this road is approximately £334,000.


  1. Dudlow lane

This beautiful tree lined street is in the heart of a lovely residential area. With many 4 bed  houses this is a very popular area for larger families and those wanting to upsize for somewhere with extra room. The average house price in this street is £293,000.


  1. Briardale Road.

If you are looking to stay within the L18 postcode under £200,000 then Briardale Road and the surrounding streets known locally as ‘the Dales’ are a smart place to start looking. Briardale is a long road with terraced and also semi-detached houses with 2 and 3 bedrooms. It’s just off the famous Penny Lane and a 10 minute walk to Allerton Road. The average house price on this road is approximately £177,000.


  1. Mather Avenue.

For houses with anywhere from 4 to 8 bedrooms, Mather Avenue houses larger properties. These properties have driveways and most generally have garages, with large front and back gardens. One thing that may put people off is the busy traffic on Mather Avenue itself. The average house price on this road is approximately £300,000.


  1. Gordon Place

Last but certainly by no means least is the small but perfectly formed Gordon Place. This quaint terraced street is pedestrianised so residents here make the most of prettifying their front steps with plants and flowers. The terraced houses are sometimes described as ‘cottages’ by estate agents. These terraced houses have 2 bedrooms and you should expect to pay around £175,000 to live here.


If you live in L18 and you’re looking to extend or refurbish your property, book a free appointment with a Pride Road Architect in Liverpool today.

written by Catherine Traynor