House Extensions in Liverpool – “Aha” Moments

Magda Haener

by Magda Haener

25/10/2016, in Liverpool Blog

A Pride Road Liverpool architect explains why designing  your home extension at your kitchen table works best.

In our company we do things differently. How do we do house extensions in Liverpool? I will talking about our home concept design workshops. Now we also do them in Liverpool and The Wirral. It is a workshop at your kitchen table. I use this great way to get the ideas from our heads onto the paper. As a result various options appear on the way. We find that it it works far better than more traditional approaches, both for the client and for the architect.

From my Point of View – The Architect

I like concept design workshops because I can sit with my client at the table and listen to their story. I can understand how do they live and use the house through my presence there. Through this, I can understand the needs and wishes  they have for their space. This allows me to  point out the functions that can additionally be achieved by remodelling. Most noteworthy are the ‘Oh’ moments that come from my clients.

‘ Oh! I Hadn’t Thought Of That.’

I often when possible try to create a big enough entrance hallway where you can store the coats and shoes. With other clients, I suggest to accommodate the utility room and the loo in the centre of the house. There usually is no natural light (especially after creating an extension). 

Utility room upstairs, allows keeping  all the functions connected to the dirty washing on the same level. This solution means less running  up and down, but it’s not easy to accommodate in the design.

Sometimes, I switch things around. I place the kitchen in the front of the house, and it makes possible opening the back of of the house towards the clients beautiful garden.

After one of these architectural workshops, one client decided to just move the functions of spaces around and altering the rooms for them to achieve their full potential. He than ended in giving up the idea of more expensive extension (that also would  take away the space in their garden).

How do the Concept Design Workshops work?

We sit and talk , draw and wave our hands to show how the space could be rearranged. We, the client and the architect, discuss and convince each other why something won’t work or why it is just what is needed.  Sometimes we draw the plans for an option in order to see that actually  is a waste of money. Only by having it on the paper is it possible to see what the option will entail and the associated cost. In  this way, I don’t waste my time producing complex ideas that neither fit the client’s lifestyle, nor their budget.

The Time at the Table is Very Productive

Clients appreciate the personal touch and the bespoke solutions that are tailored to their needs. They understand the house design that I draw as they follow my explanations. People have different ways of using their space.  The process of the design workshop allows our clients to achieve the optimal arrangement. They are able to prioritise the functions and through the discussion with the architect can understand the limits of the space and what is possible.

Furthermore, as a client you are able to express your opinion immediately. It happens along to what is being drawn on the tracing pad in front of you. I as a designer can respond to opinions immediately. You don’t waste your money on an expensive design process in this very early concept stage. 

Draw your House Rather than Just Dream it

How many years you have been redesigning your house in your dreams? Don’t you want to know if there are more feasible options? Most of all, what if there is an option you haven’t thought about? I can help you find it, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. I can bring your ideas to life for £300 – £500.


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