How much will designing my home extension cost? - Pride Road Architects

How much will designing my home extension cost?

Booking a workshop with a Pride Rd architect is a great way to have someone by your side throughout the whole process. We can advise on planning, cost and so much more – but the first step is to get us in to give you a proper consultation.

You can find out more about our approach and exactly what we will do here, but if you just need to know what it costs you can check this out below.

Free Initial Consultation

If you would like us to come to your home for a chat, we’d be happy to talk to you at no cost and give you an initial consultation.

£300* – Half-day design workshop

Ideal for modest single-storey extensions or simple family home reconfigurations, our half-day workshop will allow us to visit and get to know your home, with hand drawn layouts done in front of you so we can explore and discuss ideas there and then.

£500* – One-day workshop

More suited to extensions of 2-3 storeys or loft conversions, our one-day workshop also allows us to visit and discuss options in depth, but gives us the extra time we need to properly get to grips with what you need.

Planning and building regulations

Our fees for planning start at £1,200 and for building regulations we can agree an additional cost starting at £1,000. However, this can generally end up more and will depend on the nature of the project. But of course, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of the costs once we’ve had chance to talk you through your options.