How To Be A Successful Architect: Day 9 coaching

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

05/09/2021, in How To Be An Architect | Main Blog

Day 9 of Sandy Hickey’s training with Pride Road was a jam-packed day of learning and development. In the morning, Sandy had a 2-hour session with Business Coach Imelda O’Keefe from Fresh Business Services, where they talked about time management, confidence and networking tips. These essential skills are crucial for running a successful architecture practice, and Sandy was grateful for the opportunity to hone her skills in these areas.

Later in the day, Sandy had a session on basic costings with Alan Varley, where she learned how to help manage clients’ budgets during the concept design stage. This will help Sandy to determine the feasibility of projects, which is crucial in ensuring the success of her business.

Pride Road is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and support to its franchisees, and it’s clear that Sandy is taking advantage of every opportunity to develop her skills and knowledge. For more information about Pride Road and how you can join the team, contact Lisa Raynes at or visit the website at

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