How to be a successful architect: Day 4 image styling

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

05/09/2021, in How To Be An Architect | Main Blog

On Day 4 of her training with architectural practice franchise Pride Road, Sandy Hickey had the opportunity to meet with image stylist Natascha Diskin from Savvy Style. This training session was designed to help Sandy develop the key skills and confidence she needs to make a great first impression on her clients.

Natascha, who is an expert in image styling, explained that people make assumptions about you within just three seconds of meeting you. This is why image is so important and can have a significant impact on your success as an architect.

Throughout the session, Sandy learned about the different aspects of image styling, including wardrobe, grooming, and body language. Natascha also shared tips on how to dress appropriately for different types of client meetings, and how to put together a professional and stylish wardrobe that reflects her brand.

By the end of the session, Sandy was feeling more confident and inspired to make positive changes to her personal style. With the guidance and support of Natascha and the team at Pride Road, she is now well on her way to building a successful architecture practice that truly represents her unique style and brand.

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