How to be a successful architect: Day 5 networking

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

05/09/2021, in How To Be An Architect | Main Blog

On Day 5 of her training with architectural practice franchise Pride Road, Sandy Hickey was invited to attend her first networking event. The event was a 4N meeting in Bolton, where Pride Road founder Lisa Raynes was giving a 4sight presentation on her journey into franchising.

To help Sandy prepare for the event, the Pride Road team worked with her on creating a short and impactful introduction, also known as a balloon speech or an elevator pitch. This would give her the opportunity to introduce herself to other business people in the room and make a lasting impression.

Sandy followed the advice from her image stylist, Natascha Diskin, and wore a strongly patterned jacket, a simple dress, and statement earrings. This created a professional yet individual image that resonated with the Pride Road brand and helped her stand out in the crowd.

During the event, Sandy had the opportunity to have three one-to-one meetings with other business people in the room. This was a great opportunity for her to practice her networking skills and build new connections in the industry.

Overall, Day 5 was a valuable learning experience for Sandy, and one that will help her as she continues to build her successful architecture practice with Pride Road.

On the afternoon of Day 5, founder Lisa Raynes took new franchisee Sandy Hickey on a concept design workshop. Sandy was delighted with the hands-on architectural training. At Pride Road, they conduct their concept design workshop in front of clients, giving them a unique and interactive experience.

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