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How to be a successful architect: Day 5 networking

05/04/2017, by Lisa Raynes, in how to be an architect | Main Blog, 0 comments

On Day 5, we invited architect Catherine Traynor to her first networking event. We chose a 4N meeting in Bolton where Pride Road founder Lisa Raynes was giving a 4sight i.e. a 20 minute presentation on her journey into franchising. We helped Catherine prepare a short 40 second introduction- also known as a balloon speech or an elevator pitch. She then had 3 one to one meetings with other business people in the room.
Catherine followed the advice from the Wardrobe Angel and wore a strongly patterned jacket, a simple dress and statement earrings, which created a professional yet individual image which resonated with the Pride Road brand.

On the afternoon of Day 5, founder Lisa Raynes took new franchisee Catherine Traynor on a concept design workshop. Catherine was delighted with the hands on architectural training. At Pride Road, we do our concept design workshop in front of our clients.

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