How to be a successful architect: Day 2 the concept design workshop

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

05/09/2021, in How To Be An Architect | Main Blog

On Day 2 of the training, Magda Haener, the Pride Road Manchester South director, taught Sandy Hickey the art of taking clients through a workshop. The session covered topics such as proper etiquette upon arrival, building rapport with clients, and designing with creativity and flair. As an experienced architect, Sandy already possesses the necessary design skills, but she needs to learn how to work with clients on a daily basis to build a successful architecture practice.

In another session, Alan Varley, the Technical Associate, spoke to Sandy about the important considerations when surveying a house. He discussed the various aspects to look out for, including drains, asbestos, and other potential issues that need to be addressed during the survey process. The goal of this session was to equip Sandy with the knowledge and skills she needs to carry out thorough and accurate surveys, ensuring that all potential problems are identified and addressed before the design process begins.

This training series provides a comprehensive look into Sandy’s journey as she builds her architecture practice and enhances her skills. By following her progress, aspiring architects and designers can learn valuable lessons about working with clients and delivering exceptional results in the field of architecture.

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