How to Fit Everyone in Your Home for Christmas 2020

Magda Haener

by Magda Haener

03/01/2020, in Design Hints and Tips | Main Blog | Manchester Blog

Did you have all the space you needed for your family this Christmas and New Year?

As we turn into the New Year and our house shifts back into its normal state, many of us are reflecting on the quality time spent with our family this Christmas. If you had family over, maybe you noticed that the space and layout of your home left everyone a little bit crammed! Or, perhaps you’d love to have family and friends over for Christmas next year but you think your home just wouldn’t work, the table is too small and guests wouldn’t even be able to fit in one room!

What many realise when they are entertaining is that their home lacks good flow, with many small rooms and narrow doors there is no one big space for everyone to enjoy – then everyone ends up divided into different rooms and you get left in the kitchen! You also start to notice the sudden lack of countertop space – how are you supposed to cook for so many with so little space? Storage space is another – if you’re lucky, you might have an empty utility room, spare room or kids’ room where you can hide the mess!


How can I fit everyone in my home for Christmas?

Perhaps the most obvious solution would be to move to a bigger house! But, you live in a nice area, have a nice garden, your children go to school nearby, and staying in this place is valuable to you. But, despite the many positives the house has, it has stopped working for you and your family has outgrown it.

The day-to-day role of an architectural designer is to analyse and propose how to solve issues just like these. An extension or internal redesign would allow you to enjoy your family home for longer.

Most of my clients try to open the rooms in between living room and kitchen, creating that big, open space area for everyone to enjoy.

If there is enough funding, an extension could be an option to create that open space area (if garden size allows). A single storey extension could create an open plan layout downstairs, potentially with a reception room where the older members (& Dad) can escape the noise, chill out, watch TV, and get some space.

This open plan space allows you to host a party with everybody included, and no one is left hiding in the kitchen preparing or serving! You may even have space for a kitchen island, allowing for an easier serving of the dishes, and space for people to gather.

This new layout could also pave the way for not only a bigger dining table, but providing enough space to walk around the table without pushing anyone out of the way!


When should I start replanning the space?

more space for christmas architect

If creating a better space for entertaining is something you’d like for Christmas 2019, now is the time to start the process!

In January, you want to start thinking about what you want to do, the design, what is needed, what can be afforded, and, whether moving or staying in the house is your best option.

Many people have a lot of questions at this point; ‘I don’t know what to design;’ ‘I don’t know what’s possible;’ ‘what is it going to cost;’ ‘I don’t know whether it’s worth doing these changes to the house,’ etc. Your architectural designer can answer all these questions!


How soon could I have my open plan space?

The rough timescale for this kind of project is a year, if you start designing now at the beginning of the year, you have a good chance that your design will be completed in half a year, and your house might be built within a years’ time.

A concept design workshop with Pride Road is quick and easy to book – we come to you, discuss ideas, solutions and produce a range of drawings and design options for you to choose from, right there on the day in your own home. In just half a day, you will have all your questions answered, architectural drawings and a clear solution and process moving forward!

Right now, if you book a Concept Design Workshop with me, Magda you can get 1 free design hour (if you skip the standard free initial consultation that I offer). We offer a bespoke architect service that works around you. What’s important to us is getting to the heart of your project, which is why you can expect to be a part of our four-stage process from the outset when you book a workshop with us.

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