How To Invest in Your Home

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

04/10/2019, in Main Blog

The pressure to invest in your home is presented to us everywhere.
We are bombarded with images of glossy hi end, hi design architecture. Buildings that make the headlines are the ones where vast quantities of money have been poured into them.
They are statement pieces. One off houses, skyscrapers, city centre pieces, academies, civic and sports buildings. Or architectural follies where people have got money to spend and want to leave a legacy.
There’s a time and place for these and they create places, alter skylines, enrich cities, help institutes, communities and people.
What we do at Pride Road is something different, we work with individuals on small scale projects in urban and suburban environments. We want to protect the existing character of the surrounding area, but enrich the lives of our homeowners.
We work with them to create modest spaces, where small changes can make massive differences to quality of life. We breathe a gentle energy and light into your house, turning it from bricks and mortar into a home that you can be proud of.
One of our key ethos is that we believe clients should not be put into negative equity, that works should be seen as an investment, both financial and happiness.
invest in your home

02.05.13 Photo credit : Phil Tragen

I often say to clients that life changes over the course of a build, it’s not a quick fix, projects that involve external works can take a year or more to come to fruition. During this time, our clients’ lives march on – babies can be born, economies can change, jobs can change, family welfare and priorities can change.
So making sure a project is a financial sound investment, is essential when planning the house of your dreams.
Perhaps you want to open up your space around the house, or fancy a single storey extension like our clients John and Jacqueline?
At our concept design workshop, we will talk though how to ensure the ultimate design you aspire towards is also feasible, we have the tools and team to point you in the right direction.