Hybrid Working, Multipurpose Rooms and Decluttering in Your Home

Laura Simpkins

by Laura Simpkins

16/05/2022, in Design Hints and Tips | Main Blog | New Forest & Bournemouth Blog

Hybrid working presents lots of challenges, distractions and duties in our homes, watch Residential Architect Laura Simpkins discuss some of these issues with professional organiser, Stephanie, from TheOrganisedZone.co.uk


Key points in this video:

With the rise of Hybrid working (from home) homeowners are finding an increasing need for a dual/multipurpose room, as it won’t be used 24/7, like a traditional office space.

The new Gold Standard for home design is: Open-Plan Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room and 2 Receptions: One ‘Snug’ room, and a study/downstairs bedroom.

During lockdown, many working from home were using impromptu spaces, like the ends of beds and kitchen counters, and were getting in the way of family, so they are now looking for permanent solutions.

People want to metaphorically and literally ‘Close the door’ on work, by being able to put away working equipment, and shutting the door to their home office, for a better work-life balance.

Some of the essentials for a good, healthy working space are: Good natural lighting, a nice view, good wifi connection, and an In/Out post tray, to help stay decluttered with paperwork etc.