Internal Door Options

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

13/04/2023, in Design Hints and Tips

There are several types of internal doors. if you live in period properties, either Victorian or 1930s. Then you are likely to have doors in those styles whether original, reclaimed or new in the original style. They will either be varnished timber or painted. If you need new doors then you can get new doors to match.

  • Victorian will be a 4 panel door, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom.
  • 1930s have a single upper panel and 3 long thin rectangular panels below. – The top panels on both Victorian and 1930s can be glazed.
  • If you have a 1950s house the style will be similar to the 1930s
  • If you have a 1960s house the doors were likely to be flush veneered doors, so they look like flat doors in wood. – They might have been painted with beading stuck onto to emulate a period door.
  • 1980s doors are a 6 panel door-like a Victorian door but with an extra 2 panels at the top, they look quite heavy on a short door!
  • 1990s onwards were flush doors, sometimes with grooves to add detail in a range of veneers, or in oak, or painted.
  • 2020s Crittal style is a trend for internal doors, 4 or 5 horizontal panels, fully glazed with thin frames, generally painted black. The glass can be clear, or reeded. Original Crittal is steel, but these internal doors are generally fabricated from wood. Acoya is a strong wood used for this purpose.
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