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International Women’s Day 2019

by Lisa Raynes

04/03/2019, in Main Blog | Pride Road Architects Press

This Friday (March 8) is International Women’s Day 2019, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. This year the theme is #BalanceForBetter – creating a more gender-balanced world. Here at Pride Road, creating & realising gender-balance in architecture & building professions is something we’re very passionate about. It was one of the key motivators behind setting up the Pride Road franchise and continues to run at our core.


Together we strive to create an environment for female architects to grow their careers and to be successful without sacrificing their personal lives. Lisa has always recognised that change is needed in the current architecture industry. There are a lot of architects – women and working mums, in particular – who struggle with the inflexible and long working hours of traditional architecture practices. By going against the traditional way of running an architecture practice, we have achieved something that many others in our industry long for – a work-life balance that allows us to use our skills, experience, creativity, and training in a meaningful way that works around our family & what matters to us. We want to help more women run their own business and achieve a better work-life balance.



Lisa Raynes recently had a 15-year-old girl shadowing her on work experience, and with a 14-year-old daughter of her own, she is consciously aware of what subjects and potential professions are being shown to young girls at school. Although architecture is still quite visible, (earlier last month it was actually reported by Architect’s Journal in February that a record number of women applied for architecture-related degrees) a lot of the other trades and building professions are not.

In her career, Lisa has come across a lot of extraordinary women who work in other building professions. Women can do anything, and it would be fantastic to see more women in these roles. With so many trades to choose from (plumbing, electrics, bricklaying, builders, joinery) and professions like quantity surveying, general surveying, real estate surveying, structural engineers, civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, project managers, planners, transport planners, ecology, environmental, acoustics… all sorts! Also, in the building design arena, there are not just architects and interior designers, there’s architectural technicians too.

There’s a huge variety of courses around building to study at university and a lot of these careers have a quicker entry into the working world than architecture. Architecture is currently a seven year course (3 years at uni, one year in industry, a further two years at uni, another year in industry, and then professional qualifications)  There’s a huge amount of cost and debt associated with becoming an architect. Other industries have an easier entry so you’ll become qualified younger and you’ve got access to a wide range of jobs. So if you’re thinking of going into architecture, have a look at other building professions too!


The Ladies Lunch Business NetworkMagda Haener, the first architect to join Pride Road after Lisa, tells stories of her inspiration to pursue architecture from a young age, playing building games as a child. She had always hoped to have a career which didn’t have her tied to a desk and Pride Road became the perfect choice for her and her family. Now, she is so proud to associate herself with the Franchise and what they have achieved for women.

“I’m just proud that we manage quite well to run a female dominated company and even our consultants are mainly women”

Most of the professionals and consultants that Pride Road work with are women, showing there is an abundance of highly-skilled women out there! Some of the Structural Engineers, Building Inspectors, Quantity Surveyors, Interior Designers & other consultants we work with are Micaela Maccan, Brender Deka, Vivien Pascoe, Wendy Dowse, Yvonne HoggJustyna Śnigurska, Fiona Hull, Katie GreenRuth Child, Cindy Downing and Natalie Holden.

That’s an impressive list!


This week, and indeed throughout the year, there will be events to celebrate the dedicated women making strides, despite the challenges they’ve faced in these professions. There is an evergrowing number of extraordinary women in the architecture, construction & planning professions worthy of celebration, including the six incredible women who were awarded 2019 RIBA International and Honorary Fellowships earlier this year.

There is a lot more work to be done to improve gender parity in our professions. Here at Pride Road, we are proud to support International Women’s Day and proud to be leading the flexible working movement for females in the architect profession.

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