Is Kingston Upon Thames a Good Place to Live?

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

08/06/2022, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

Kingston Upon Thames may have shown up in your search more than once as a potential destination for a move. Although, the question remains, is Kingston an excellent place to live?

This short guide will dive into the details of the area.

What are the Standout Features of Kingston Upon Thames?

So what makes Kingston Upon Thames shine on the Greater London radar? Some standout features throw the town up on the rankings of an excellent place to live. Those are:

  • Kingston is well-connected to London

  • It’s a bustling retail centre

  • There are good schools

  • Amenities are near endless

  • It’s a large pedestrian area

  • Properties are very suited to young families and couples

We can let the Kingston residents elaborate more on why they chose to live in the area.

What Do Other Residents Have to Say About Living in Kingston Upon Thames?

Why review the area when you can hear about Kingston Upon Thames straight from the horse’s mouth! Here is what some of the residents have to say about life in the town.

You’re never short of amenities in the town.

Kingston is arguably one of the largest retail centres in the Greater London area. It provides residents with a seemingly endless array of shops, restaurants, and other leisure packed amenities. The versatility and accessibility of all the amenities on offer attract people from all over London.

Commuting to the City of London is incredibly easy.

Kingston is served by the Southern Railway Line, getting residents to London Waterloo and other prominent southwest London destinations quickly. Anyone living in Kingston and working in Central London will find their commute relatively straightforward.

Let’s not forget that Kingston is well-connected by bus, road, and even on a cycling network.

There are a vast array of excellent schools.

Kingston hosts numerous educational facilities spanning from early education to higher learning. You’ll find famed primary schools, including Latchmere School and King Athelstan School, with secondary options including The Kingston Academy and Tiffin School.

The famous higher education institutions include Kingston University and Kingston College. Moving to the area means you’ll never fall short of options for an excellent education throughout your child’s life!

Properties are suitable for raising families.

Kingston has become acclaimed as the ideal destination for couples starting families or raising young children. A significant portion of the properties in Kingston suit that demographic, featuring lovely 2-3 bedroom semi-detached homes with a garden and a bit of extra space compared to city homes.

You can lead an exciting lifestyle in Kingston-Upon-Thames!

Kingston Upon Thames is highly accessible to the city lifestyle. There’s endless opportunity for fun, education, innovative amenities, and world-leading retail. But it also maintains its stature as a cosy suburban area that provides a degree of safety for families.

It’s a town where you can arguably have the best of both worlds!

Have We Inspired You to a Move to Kingston Upon Thames?

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