Is Moving My Family to Coulsdon a Good Idea?

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

27/02/2024, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

Shortlists for moves are becoming a more popular activity for families looking to escape the pressures of urban life. Plenty of Surrey towns tick all the right boxes, but Coulsdon, in the rolling hills of South London ,  seems to recur as one of the perfect destinations for a young family.

Is it a good idea to move to Coulson? Let’s find out!

Is Coulsdon an Ideal Family Location?

Ask any resident of Coulsdon whether this South London town is an excellent place to raise a family, and they’ll probably refer to their spouse and children! The settlement quickly appeared on the radar as facilitating the ideal family lifestyle, sitting comfortably between country life and urban access.

If you need a few reasons to underline why local families enjoy their Coulsdon life, we’ve got a few.

Here Are 5 Reasons Coulsdon is a Family-Friendly Town

So is moving your family to Coulsdon a good idea? Find five answers below.

  • 1. Coulsdon has a laid-back country atmosphere.

A quick wander through Coulsdon, and you’ll know immediately that the area is reminiscent of a scenic English country village. It’s a sleepy little town that abandons the fast paced life in favour of a livelihood that allows its residents to soak in and embrace every moment.

The leafy streets, old churches, and green spaces make up the images you thought were only seen in paintings and postcards.

  • 2. It’s the perfect commuter location for both work and play.

One of the most attractive points for families moving to Coulsdon is that London is only a stone’s throw away. Whether parents are commuting to London for work, or you’re taking the children out for a day on the town, you’ll be able to get to Central locations in less than an hour.

Urban work and play are never far away!

  • 3. There are affordable, spacious properties excellent for raising a family.

The properties in Coulsdon are more than ideal for raising a family. There are plenty of affordable, two-three bedroom semi-detached houses and an array of stylistic properties if that tickles your fancy.

What makes these homes even more attractive, is that Coulsdon has a fabulous sense of community where everyone looks out for each other. You won’t have to worry about having questionable neighbours; everybody gets along well!

  • 4. The area is connected to highly regarded schools.

A family move to Coulsdon is bolstered even more by the outstanding primary and secondary schools around the area. Oasis Academy Byron, Chipstead Valley Primary School, Coulsdon Church of England Primary School, and Coulsdon Six Form College are nearby.

  • 5. Despite being a small town, there’s plenty to do!

It’s sleepy, but Coulsdon has a bustling high street with plenty of amenities to keep life fresh. There are shops, restaurants, and more to get all of your essentials and enjoy some leisurely activities – all family-friendly, of course!

Let Us Help Setup Your Forever Family Home in Coulsdon

Doesn’t Coulsdon seem ideal? If you’re seriously considering moving your family to Coulsdon, our Residential Architect at Pride Road Sutton & Kingston, Shuahra Rahman, has countless experiences setting up homes for families to thrive.

Give us a call, and let’s discuss building the family life you’ve always wanted!