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Manchester by Canal

by Lisa Raynes

05/09/2017, in Main Blog

Manchester’s waterways have always fascinated me, and with our narrowboat moored nearby and a honeymoon to plan, a trip round the Cheshire Ring was the perfect solution. We were never further than 8 miles from home and saw Manchester and Cheshire’s architecture, infrastructure and industrial heritage in a new light.

Our 2 week journey started next to the RICS award winning Lion Salt Works where photographer Phil Tragen took some dramatic wedding pics… 


Actually, it wasn’t our intention initially to do the Cheshire Ring… we wanted and tried to do the Llangollen Canal, but we got stuck in the first lock, and had to be towed out! so 2 days later we were back on track, and set out from Middlewich. Day 4 was Wheelock 26 (heartbreak hill in the pouring rain! The marriage put to the test). Day 5 was our furthest point south, Kidsgrove. Day 6 took us through Congleton, and we moored just outside Macclesfield a stunning stretch of canal. Day 7 we took another detour to the idyllic Bugsworth Basin via the Peak Forest Canal. Bugsworth Canal Basin was the largest and busiest inland port on Britain’s narrow canal system and the only one to survive intact…. 



Day 8 took us to Whaley Bridge and Day 9  through Marple Locks, all 16 of them, in the rain again! and we moored at Romily. Day 10 took us through Dukinfield Ashton and New Islington, past Urban Splash’s Iconic Chips and we moored in Piccadilly Basin, after years of working next to the basin in Manchester, it was exhilarating to arrive there by canal. But it was the following day, weaving under Manchester City Centre that was truly thrilling.

I had a go with Facebook live, so you can see the video here….

We were helped through a tricky lock at Canal Street by a couple of homeless guys at 7.30 in the morning, whilst city centre workers walked passed, plugged into iPhones and not making eye-contact. After nearly 60 miles of clean waterways, in the city centre, we narrowly avoided the detritous in the canals, discarded clothes, shoes and sleeping bags, which are perilous to propellors. Once through to Castlefield Basin, we found a rare mooring and spent the day wandering around Manchester as a tourist.




Day 12 took us along the Bridgwater Canal passed Old Trafford, Pamona Dock and alongside the Manchester Ship Canal through to Lymm and then finally toward our home mooring through the Preston Brook Tunnel.

We have been fundraising for the Mustard Tree, in lieu of wedding presents, our just giving page is still live if you would like to contribute to this amazing charity. Since 1994, Mustard Tree has transformed the lives of people in Greater Manchester who are trapped in poverty or homelessness, by enabling them to gain the skills and self-confidence they need to reach their full potential.