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Manchester: our city is united

by Lisa Raynes

24/05/2017, in Main Blog

We are deeply shocked, saddened, sickened and upset by the attack at the Manchester Arena on Monday night that claimed and changed so many lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their friends and families, and with everyone affected by this devastating act of terrorism.

We are proud of the people of Manchester, and we at Pride Road, will carry on just as the good people of Manchester have. However heavy our hearts, continuing our lives as normal as possible is the best way to stand against the ones who want to divide us.

The response of our fellow Mancunians to the cruelty of Monday night only showed how amazing our city truly. People of all backgrounds and religions came together to help the victims, their loved ones and countless witnesses in need. It proves that we are truly privileged to live and work in such a wonderful, diverse city, where the true spirit of community never fails.

Lisa Raynes, Founder of Pride Road

Magdalena Haener, Pride Road Manchester South