A..maze..ing: A Family Day Out in the Wirral

Magda Haener

by Magda Haener

18/08/2016, in Liverpool Blog


Yesterday I visited my client in Hesswall on the Wirral. On the way out I discovered the Brimstage Maze. A perfect place for a family day out! I was recently talking with Mr Haener how great it was to run through corn fields in childhood and play hide and seek. I was lucky to visit my grandmother that lived in a village surrounded by vast fields. And I just happen to stumble upon a modern version of this fun activity two weeks later.

It is located in Brimstage, south of Heswall, on the Wirral – or as my clients form Liverpool call it  – ‘the dark side’.  It’s good to be a Polish architect living in Manchester but working in Liverpool and the Wirral. My origin dismantles all the competition that there is in between these three places I love and allows people to laugh about themselves. The jokes about the other side of the Mersey are always there, of course.

Back to fields: the aerial photos from last year look spectacular. Looking at this years maze from the outside, one can see little but the towering corn with paths cut into it. It feels as if there is little hope of return. The organizers have built several raised platforms inside the maze. If you are lucky enough to find one of these,  you can wave a flag and, if someone is on duty,  they will go and rescue you. The fact that such an arrangement is necessary just seems to re-enforce the inescapability of the maze. While I did not inquire about the entrance fee, I would suspect that the entrance is free but the rescue missions are not.

The fields are surrounded by old farm buildings that are beautifully maintained. If you are visiting with children, a large outdoor play area with a big balloons will save you if you want to have a coffee in  peace while your little ones enjoy themselves endlessly. There are so many bells and whistles surrounding the maze, that it would take too long to mention them all.

I will definitely go back with my little ones. Its good to get lost from time to time, and then find yourself again.

love Magda


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