A new event is coming to Liverpool! - Pride Road Architects

A new event is coming to Liverpool!

by Magdalena Haener

13/08/2016, in Liverpool Blog | Talks & Events

Esteban, lark lane, liverpoolAs an architectural business in Liverpool I wanted to reach out to connect with other local businesses that take part in residential developments and small building projects.

We design houses and remodel them but it takes far more people and specialists to carry out all the tasks in order to bring a development to completion. And I don’t only mean the builders – its lawyers, estate agents, structural engineers, planners, building inspectors, architectural technicians and all the professionals involved at different stages of every project.

I quickly noticed that despite a thriving construction industry and a famous school of architecture, there isn’t a regular networking event for people involved. The solution was obvious – let’s create such event!

I decided that the ideal location in South Liverpool for this endeavour would be Lark Lane. It’s a lovely street off Sefton Park in Aigburth, neighbouring with Allerton and Woolton. Today I went there for a stroll and came across a nice tapas restaurant, ‘’. I ventured inside and… what a lucky shot! It’s bright, spacious and the tapas are delicious!

Please join us for lunch on 27th September….

Love Magda