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We’re here to help.

Pride Road Architects get your project moving, even when you can’t

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Booking a free consultation or a paid workshop is easy! First, enter your postcode below to find your local architect and their diary, then, choose a date & time that suits you and confirm your booking! You will receive a confirmation email which contains more information and instructions for the consultation or workshop.

With Pride Road architects you can make the most of your time in lockdown by turning your house into the home you deserve.

We specialise in designing the kind of bespoke architecture that says something about you, your family, your lifestyle and your individual needs and tastes – on a budget that suits you. We provide design, planning and building regulations services to help homeowners with loft conversions, house extensions, kitchen designs, internal reconfigurations, new builds and much more. 

Pride Road will work closely with you to take the stress and confusion out of your design and build project, with experience and technical expertise to help deliver an affordable dream home with no compromise. In short, we care because you do.

Free Online Consultations

We offer completely free online initial consultations that explain Pride Road's unique, affordable and hassle-free process that will transform your home

Online Design Workshops

When you are ready to get designing, book an online workshop. Working closely with you, we'll use our expertise to bring your dreams to life!

What to expect from an online consultation or workshop?

The majority of the online workshop will involve an online video call in which your architect produces a range of drawings and design options for you to choose from, guided by your ideas and their expert opinion. Each option will be scanned and sent to you during the meeting, so you can see them clearly and discuss them in real time! The workshop also involves face-to-face discussion to answer questions you have, provide advice, and explain next steps.

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Praise for Pride Road's Online Workshops

As the country adapted to life under lockdown, Pride Road Architects reshaped their celebrated Concept Design Workshops and now offer them online. This new way of working has proved to be very popular with clients and even caught the attention of the Architects’ Journal.

The Concept Design Workshop is something unique to Pride Road Architects, and is the process whereby they design your home extension right there with you at your kitchen table. During the lockdown, it has been possible to do this all online via video calls! At first, it was thought that this may feel a little unusual for architects and clients, but in fact, as these clients say below, it has proved to be just as useful and convenient for both parties: