Planning Applications in the New Forest

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

29/09/2020, in Main Blog

It is very tricky to know what you can and can’t do when it comes to planning an extension in the New Forest.

A key question to start with is…

Do I Live in the New Forest National Park?

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If you do then your planning application will come under the New Forest National Park Authority. You will find that you have more restrictions on what you can do.

The first restriction is that your permitted development rights will be different.

Summary of Permitted Development Rights in New Forest Area

New Forest District Council

There are various additions and changes that you can make to your house under permitted development (subject to the nature of the area – rules are different if you are a Site of Special Scientific Interest)

  • Single storey rear extensions up to 6m deep for semi-detached / terrace and 8m for detached
  • Single storey side extensions
  • Two storey extensions up to 3m deep (but not less than 7m from back boundary)

New Forest National Park

  • No side extensions
  • No two storey extensions
  • Single storey rear extensions up to 3m deep for semi-detached / terrace and 4m for detached

It is important to note that a property’s permitted development rights can be withdrawn as a result of a condition on an earlier planning permission or you may live in an area affected by an ‘Article 4 Direction’ which can remove certain permitted development rights.

For most extensions it makes sense to make an application for Planning Permission and that is what the majority of our clients do.

Summary of Planning rules in the New Forest Area

New Forest District Council

Normal rules apply.

New Forest National Park Authority

  • You can only extend the floor space by up to 30% unless you live in one of the four main villages (Ashurst, Brockenhurst, Lyndhurst or Sway)
  • If your property is currently 80sqm or less you can extend up to a maximum of 100sqm.

(the date for calculating increases in floor space is 01.07.1982)

You can check your property’s development history in the ‘planning history’ section


NFPA welcome discussions prior to application and are usually easy to contact by email or visiting their offices,