Pride Road: The Best Address In Liverpool

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

16/02/2017, in Liverpool Blog

Make your house into your dream home

Sometimes the cheapest way to create your dream home is to improve the one you have.

Whether you choose to extend your house or rebuild it completely to suit your needs, an understanding and creative architect will be essential in bringing your vision to life.

At Pride Road we do things differently to most architects.

We come to your house and undertake a concept design workshop with you. We want to know all about your everyday life and needs. We sit, listen and ensure we engage you fully in the design process.

We measure your property and produce a range of design options in your presence. We are right there, ready to answer every question and address any concerns you may have. We want to hear your dreams, ideas and suggestions. This way we can help you make crucial decisions about the future of your home and how it’s going to help with the way you want to live.

We ensure our clients are aware of the approximate costs of the planned building work, time frames and permissions needed.

Pride Road design workshops are competitively priced: from £300 – £500 for a single or two storey extension or reconfiguration, up to a £1000 for large houses. Our workshops will take from 3.5 hours to perhaps a whole day, depending on the size of your property.

At the end of this busy day our clients will be left with detailed drawings of their dream home, ready to be shown to a builder. We can also recommend a range of trusted professionals who can look after your project all the way up to completion.

(Originally printed in Living Wirral Magazine, Winter Edition 2017).