Pride Road Liverpool launches it's first ever Constructive Together event! - Pride Road Architects

Pride Road Liverpool launches it’s first ever Constructive Together event!

24/10/2018, by Catherine Traynor, in Liverpool Blog | Main Blog | Talks & Events, 0 comments

On 11th October Pride Road Liverpool South launches Liverpool’s first ever Constructive together event at Oh Me Oh My on Water Street.

We asked local Liverpool business of all sizes and sectors to join us for the friendly networking lunch at the beautiful Oh Me Oh My on Water Street, Liverpool City Centre. The Venue is Located opposite the cities iconic three graces in West Africa House and showcases stunning architecture inside and out. It was built by Briggs, Wolstenholme andd Thorley in the 1920s and used to house the former Bank of West Africa. Now it’s a beautiful creative venue with a tea house and cafe vibe during the week and hosts events, weddings, and unique events at the weekends. We also love the fact that it has a secret rooftop garden they use when the weather is nice in the Summer months, called Goodness Gracious. What better location to inspire people at the first of the Liverpool Constructive Together events!

In attendance at the event were interior designers, surveyors, architects and property lawyers. The event was an alternative to the formal networking event. No sales pitching, just an honest, informal welcoming lunch providing a supportive group to enjoy lunch in the company of other business people where we shared, and unpicked our problems with, and shared our recent successes.

We had great feedback from all those who attended and we’re looking forward to hosting the next one in December! We will be combining it with a special fund raising event too, so watch this space for more details!

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