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Pride Road’s Catherine supports Granby Workshop’s Kickstarter Project

11/12/2017, by Catherine Traynor, in Liverpool Blog | Main Blog, 0 comments

Catherine Traynor of Pride Road Liverpool South has recently donated to the Granby Workshop Splatware project on Kickstarter.

Granby Workshop is a Liverpool based manufacturer of architectural ceramics, founded by Turner Prize winning design collective Assemble. The Workshop was set up as part of an effort to rebuild Granby, a Liverpool neighbourhood that was nearly made derelict by decades of poorly-planned regeneration initiatives.

Pictured above: Granby Workshop in Toxteth

A resourceful, creative group of residents started to bring the neighbourhood back to life by clearing, planting, painting, and campaigning. And in 2011 they entered into an innovative form of community land ownership to secure empty houses, and renovate them as affordable homes where they brought in Assemble to help.

The project won the Turner Prize in 2015. It received a lot of press attention and the story was covered by The New York Times, The Guardian, The BBC, Creative Review and more.

Splatware is a range of multicoloured ceramic tableware developed by the workshop. Beautiful plates and cups are made by squashing together coloured clays in a 60-tonne hydraulic press and each one is different.

The tableware was launched exclusively on Kickstarter, and Pride Road’s Catherine donated to help them meet their target, giving the workshop the opportunity to expand and continue investing in their neighborhood.

Granby is located in South Liverpool where Catherine works as a Pride Road architect helping residents turn their houses into dream homes.

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