Rear Extension of a Victorian Semi-Detached Home, Burton Road, Didsbury

Magda Haener

by Magda Haener

10/08/2022, in Main Blog | Manchester Blog


Lynsey and her children knew they wanted a more family friendly space in their Victorian, semi-detached house in Didsbury, Manchester, but weren’t sure how this could be achieved.

The family opted for a Concept Design Workshop with Magda Haener of Pride Road which gave them a clear vision of their home’s potential and provided a better connection with the rear garden. The challenges of the existing layout were that the kitchen was dark and felt disconnected from the rest of the house, while the existing access to the garden was by way of a side door in the small back addition and down 5 timber steps. A creative solution was needed to provide an enjoyable family space.

With Magda’s help they settled on a scheme that gave a visual and spatial relationship to the garden, brought more light into the property and provided a great socialising space for the family with a bright, modern and functional kitchen.

The solution was a split-level design, with the sofa area 60 cm lower, so it was closer to the garden, with the deck becoming a natural extension of the living area, viewed through the full height patio doors. Magda is particularly pleased with the way the clerestory windows above and Velux roof lights allow light to flood the once dark kitchen and dining room, and that as the change in level conformed to Building Regulations requirements, no balustrade was required.

Although living around a major building project had not been easy, the clients appreciated the support of the team put together by Pride Road and their collaborative approach, which helped ensure that their project ran smoothly with any issues quickly resolved.

Lynsey said that the family are delighted that their home is now the “beautiful, very creative and inventive space that Pride Road dreamt for us”.

The Team

Architect:  Magdalena Haener, Pride Road, T: +44 7884 147810, E:

Builder:  Adam Surdyk,  T: +44 7802 314452, E:

Kitchen Designer: Francesca Quansah, Design by Helium,  E:,  W:

Interior Designer: Lucy Burt, Nest E:, W:

Engineer: Micaela Maccan, BDI Structural Solutions Ltd, T: 01619693886, W:  E:

Building Inspector: Align BC, W: