Relocating to Ringwood: What Should I Know?

Laura Simpkins

by Laura Simpkins

21/06/2022, in Main Blog | New Forest & Bournemouth Blog | Where should I move to?

If you’re looking to buy your first home or you want to move into a larger space, then Ringwood could be the place for you. This Hampshire town has welcomed new residents in the south of England for years, becoming increasingly attractive to young families.

It’s growing steadily, so plenty of new neighbourhoods and developments are perfect for first-time buyers and growing families. To help you decide if this is the right time to make such a significant life change, we’ve outlined some things you should know about moving to Ringwood.

What Do I Need to Know About Relocating to Ringwood?

Find below a few things you want to know about moving to Ringwood.

Ringwood is an area of growth and development for family properties.

This is a real up-and-coming place that will continue its upward trajectory. The delicate balance of history, amenities, country lifestyle and greenery contribute to why many young families choose Ringwood to relocate.

But the delightful, affordable properties are proving the real winner. You can find semi-detached three-bedroom family homes that accommodate all the needs and wants of raising children and living serenely.

Ringwood has excellent transport links.

As a town with a growing population, Ringwood will have a lot of commuting pressure. Luckily, the city has a good transport network to help ease this. You’ll find buses that connect the whole of the New Forest to London.

So, if you work in London, you’ll be able to commute as required. Ringwood is also close to Southampton and Winchester, which can help to make it easy to travel further afield. You’ll find it’s only a little while away from all the great attractions southern England offers.

There are plenty of good schools in the town.

Naturally, you’ll want to choose a place where your children can get an excellent education for a family move. Ringwood has plenty of good schools, including Ringwood School, Poulner Junior, and Moyles Court School.

Plenty of after-school clubs and other activities can help your children make the most of their free time.

You’ll find lots of green spaces in Ringwood.

One of the most significant aspects that boosts the quality of life in this scenic Hampshire town is the numerous green spaces. Residents will have more room to relax and enjoy nature and more places to play sports and enjoy outdoor activities like sailing and rugby.

This is an excellent benefit in a town where many workers seek escape from the burdensome urban life. And, of course, a plethora of outdoor activities can help keep the family happy and healthy!

Ringwood has a thriving culture.

With all the new residents that have moved to Ringwood, it’s no surprise that the town has a thriving culture and events scene. There are plenty of arts and cultural events to attend and plenty of new restaurants and pubs to try.

The town was the filming location for the famous British comedy series The Brittas Empire, showcasing Ringwood’s amenities as an area full of life and activity. There are markets, a nationally renowned brewery, and recreation grounds consistently hosting events.

Is it Relocating to Ringwood on the Cards?

Have all these points convinced you that relocating to Ringwood is a good idea? Give your move a leg up with Pride Road, our Residential Architects around the Hampshire area that help lay the groundwork for your dream family home. Get in touch with Laura Simpkins, Of Pride Road New Forest & Bournemouth for more information.