I finally got round to writing my blog on the High Flying Women event we ran in September: ‘Work to Live not Live to Work’ with Lisa Raynes.

Lisa is an architect who has created a lifestyle business model. To many, work life balance is a myth, however Lisa has mastered her model so that she lives a fulfilled and balanced life AND she is in complete control of it. Not only does she live by this model, but she also sells it, as a franchise to other architects. Lisa is targeting architects with young children as she knows that there are little options in the corporate architecture world for women and men with young children who want to be around to raise them.

When you break down the intricacies of Lisa’s process, it’s about keeping everything simple, efficient and organised, but most importantly, it is her discipline and will power to stick to her process that makes her model so successful.

I have shared her top tips in this blog. This is a topic close to my heart so if you fancy a more detailed discussion, let’s go for a coffee!