Should I Move to Caterham?

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

21/06/2022, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

Caterham Roundabout by Hywel Williams

Many gorgeous Surrey towns are quickly becoming attractive moving prospects for young families. However, one that seems to top the list is Caterham, begging the question, should you think about moving there?

Let’s take a look around the town to see if it could suit your needs!

What’s Living in Caterham Like?

Caterham showcases the typical features of a charming Surrey town, the benefits of an English country lifestyle with close links to the city. The picturesque area continues to attract young families because of its affordability, proximity to excellent educational institutions, and amenities that support family life.

The town itself is split into two regions, one area being called Caterham on the Hill and the other Caterham on the Valley, but both are within proximity of the town centre. The area rose to fame for its car production factories, though the industry has moved on to pastures new, with plenty of small-to-medium businesses taking their place.  Caterham now finds more fame as a commuter town.

So let’s take a closer look:

Properties in Caterham

There are plenty of properties to choose from in Caterham, from properties located in the heart of town to more spacious, two-three bedroom semi-detached family houses. Whatever your preference in home style, space, or features, you’re bound to find something to suit your desires for living quarters.

Family homes are quite affordable and generally have a good broadband speed to meet household requirements. Let’s not forget that residents tend to be quite content with their properties, with happiness levels well above the national average.

Education in and around Caterham

Caterham offers an excellent choice of primary and secondary education schools. The area includes St. John’s C of E Primary School, Hillcroft Primary School, de Stafford School, and the highly-regarded Caterham School.

Trust that your children will receive an excellent education from ages 3 to 18 should you relocate to Caterham!


There are plenty of amenities to supplement both active and passive lifestyles. Caterham hosts a wealth of shops, supermarkets and restaurants to keep life thriving and highly enjoyable.

You’ll fall in love with the warmth and welcoming aura around Caterham, paired with every amenity needed.


Whether you prefer road or rail, Caterham has excellent connections to London, making it an ideal commuter town. Rail connections from the city will get you into Central London in about 50 minutes.

Even jet-setters can enjoy proximity to London Gatwick airport with the location less than ten miles away if you ever fancy a holiday abroad.

Let’s Discuss Your Home If You’re Think About Moving to Caterham

Is a move to Caterham on the cards? Please speak with our residential architect at Pride Road Sutton & Kingston, Shuahra Rahman, who knows the Surrey town well.  We are specialists in helping set up the family homes you’ve always envisioned, and we can help get the best out of your move to Caterham.

We look forward to speaking with you!