Shuahra and Sandy in Paris

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

01/11/2022, in Energy focus | How To Be An Architect | South Warwickshire Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

Here at Pride Road Architects, we know how to make a house a home – a property into a sanctuary, and we turn your ideas into architectural plans. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done bringing people’s dream projects to life.

Shuahra and Sandy from Pride Road Architects were invited to attend the prestigious Batimat trade show at the stunning Paris Convention Centre in Porte de Versailles which is the largest exhibition park in France, and had a wonderful time – as well as returning with lots of information and ideas all in the name of being ahead of the renovation game for our clients.

The Fair featured over 1300 exhibitions, 700 speakers, 400 conferences and 100 demonstrations over the 3 days. The trade show focused on the ‘5 Mega Trends’ linked to the field of construction: housing, productivity, environment, profession and climate.

The main themes for the Batimat International Construction Fair in 2022 were:

  • Protecting the climate and the environment: Our responsibility.
  • Good city living in 2050: Our brief.
  • Championing the professions: Our priority.
  • Improving ways of working: Our ambition.

Seeking to promote innovations to architects and other decision makers across the world, this year’s main topic was about low carbon construction with various conferences around this theme, highlighting the important of conscious design.

The French do amazing things with lead, copper and aluminium! Discovering new products, interrogating different solutions and conversations about heat pumps and solar panels will all help our clients at Pride Road Architects.

Batimat International Construction Fair 2022

Batimat is the world’s leading construction exhibition held every two years in Paris. It brings together the most comprehensive array of products, equipment and services in the world, promoting and offering a preview of innovations for decision makers for the largest number of French and international professionals.

Batimat has been connecting innovation professionals for 60 years. It is the place where construction and architecture professionals meet to share and select the innovative product and solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow.

Batimat is the international multi-specialism trade show, and from architectural perspectives it provides an innovative and active approach to pooling architectural inspiration.