Shuahra's Testimonials: Blessing Sulaiman - Pride Road Architects

Shuahra’s Testimonials: Blessing Sulaiman

by Shuahra Rahman

04/09/2021, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

Here’s what Blessing Sulaiman has to say about architect Shuahra Rahman of Pride Road Sutton and Kingston.   ‘ It was terrific to have Shuahra as a mentor. She was charming, very welcoming and answered all the questions we asked her willingly and insightfully. She also facilitated engaging discussions about the role of an architect and issues we are likely to face. It was also refreshing to be given an account of an architect’s position from a female perspective, and it was great to have her look over our CV’s and portfolios as she shared some much-needed advice and amendments. Thank you Shuahra’. 
  • Blessing Sulaiman. Part I student at University of Westminster. Former Mentee, RIBA scheme.