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Take Pride in your home this autumn…

by Lisa Raynes

24/09/2017, in How To Be An Architect | Liverpool Blog | Main Blog | Manchester Blog

Over the last few months, you may have put the brakes on your home design. We don’t blame you; the sun has been sizzling, and the chance at a holiday is hard to pass up.

But now it’s time to bring the focus back to bricks and mortar. Summer is behind us, but it’s provided plenty of inspiration as we head into autumn.

Keep reading for a rundown of Pride Road news this September…

Welcome back, Lisa!

Every relationship wants to sail smoothly, but our founder Lisa Raynes took this sentiment a step further. After marrying her partner, Iain, the two set out for the waterways of the North West in a canal boat.

14 days later, she’s back and ready to lead our architects to new heights once more! Read about her honeymoon below, which took in some of the most picturesque water routes in the UK….

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A sit-down with Magda

It takes a whole lot of guts, talent and determination to earn a living as an architect. In an interview with the Polish Network, our South Manchester architect Magda Häner shared her experiences of breaking into the industry.

She touches on cultural differences between UK/EU clientele, why home visits are important, and the pleasures of networking…

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Building a lifestyle business model

Struggling to find a sweet spot between work and play? Lisa is going to tell you how to do it, based on her own experiences, at a free event on the 12th September at Manchester’s Ridgefield House.

Professionals (especially those with children) might have plenty to gain from her insights. Book now, if you haven’t already, for advice on striking a balance.

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