The Architects Journal Features Our Very Own Shuahra Rahman

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

25/05/2022, in How To Be An Architect | Main Blog | Pride Road Architects Press | Sutton & Kingston Blog

The AJ’s Sketchbook series is a showcase of architects’ sketches and concept drawings. Today’s sketches are by Shuahra Rahman, Director of Pride Road Sutton and Kingston Architects….

I often find myself doodling while writing notes or speaking with someone on the phone.


Though it may appear as though I’m not listening, it is quite the opposite; it actually helps me concentrate and retain information. There’s something meaningful about putting pen to paper in a free and playful manner, which often spurs creative insight.

I have noticed that I doodle frequently when I’m looking for inspiration or in need of a distraction. It allows me to creatively and tirelessly solve a problem at hand, whether it be professional or personal. Drawing freely is a means of expressing myself and also helps me unwind.

For a university project, our opening exercise was to fill an A1 sheet of paper with doodles, the aim being to enter our subconscious and divest ourselves of any rationalisations and preconceptions we held. It was the first time I’d actually given the concept of doodling much thought.

The theme of the academic year went along a similar trajectory, with no architectural agenda, no programme and no fixed methodology. It was a fascinating process which led organically to the generation of my final project – a new urban square formed amid the chaotic souks of Marrakech.