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In Focus: The Bluecoat, Liverpool

by Magdalena Haener

13/09/2016, in Liverpool Blog


I recently went to The Bluecoat for the initial meeting  of Liverpool Young Architects – LYA. I found the group thanks to Darren Jones from SHEDKM when I was tweeting about organizing a networking event in South Liverpool. Some things just appear at the right time.

The meeting with LYA took place in The Bluecoat, the oldest surviving building in the centre of Liverpool. Built in 1716-17 as a charity school, it started being used in connection to art since 1907 and became the official place of the Bluecoat Society of Arts in 1927. It is build in an H shape with the characteristic features of windows headed with a cherubs’ head keystone. It’s an incredible example of architectural design.

The building was renovated at the end of the last decade and reopened in March 2008.  BIQ Architecten found 32 different floor levels in the old building. In the latest renovation, an additional wing was created and a functions space that act as flexible performance areas. In addition, four art galleries also found their place there.

The Bluecoat Espresso Bar is welcoming and the artistic surroundings give meetings  a (caffeine induced) freshness. A garden beckons when the weather allows.  As an architect I generally meet my clients in their homes  but I love to meet over a good coffee in stunning places.

Love, Magda

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