Thinking of a Move to Beddington?

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

07/03/2022, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

The Greater London suburbs are quickly becoming more attractive places to live to fulfil the lifestyle ambitions of couples and young families. Many are looking towards Beddington for that reason – it ticks all the boxes of their perfect home.

But what are the main factors behind moving to Beddington? If you’re thinking of moving there, this short guide can explain why it’s an ideal location.

Why Move to Beddington?

There’s been an influx of interest in Beddington as a possible location to make a move. But why has the area suddenly become so intriguing? Let’s first share a little more about it.

Beddington sits in the Greater London area right on the boundary of the London Boroughs of Sutton and Croydon. The site is known as more nature-inclined, featuring a landscaped wooded park in Beddington Park, with a nature reserve sitting nearly just north of the region.

The town has a relatively small population of just under 22,000, simulating a charming village lifestyle within proximity of the cosmopolitan London bustle. Residents enjoy the ‘best of both worlds,’ pairing urban conveniences with the country-style livelihood.

Those factors lay the groundwork to make Beddington a desirable prospect for young families. So what are the other features that may convince you even more of a move to the area?

What Makes Beddington Such an Ideal Location for Moving?

There are always specific questions at the forefront of everyone’s minds when considering a move. Are the properties friendly and affordable? Are there enough amenities? Will I easily be able to get to work?

Discover below the answers to those queries about Beddington.


There are gorgeous, semi-detached houses available in Beddington at affordable prices. The costs are slightly lower than the Greater London average, making them attractive for family homes, with two or three bedrooms and charming interiors and exteriors.


Beddington is well-connected to many destinations in the Greater London regions, including the City of London. There are plenty of rail and bus stations nearby, with the closest being Waddon, getting commuters to London Bridge in approximately 25 minutes.


Families are increasingly attracted to Beddington because of the numerous schools in the area. The primary, and secondary schools have consistently been outstanding, including Bandon Hill Primary School and St. Elphege’s Junior School.


The area has the picturesque scenery of Beddington Park surrounding homes. Still, there are also a host of amenities for convenience. Apart from transport options, plenty of supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and medical facilities are nearby.


Beddington is considered a relatively safe area compared to London, with significantly fewer crimes per thousand people. Residents have peace of mind that their neighbourhoods are secure.


Residential Architect Shuahra Can Help You Get Settled in Beddington!

Properties in Beddington are ideal spaces to write your family’s next chapter. These homes can be transformed into something magical, a place where you have everything you need and something to be proud of forever.

If you are thinking of moving to Beddington, our local architect Shuahra Rahman can help you create your perfect home. She knows precisely how to make your new Beddington home the best possible.  Create the best possible life in Beddington with her help!