To renovate or to move home – what you should know

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

25/03/2020, in Main Blog

So, your family has grown and your kitchen is outdated, and the home you once loved just isn’t quite working for you anymore. Now you face the question – do we move? Or do we renovate?

This is a question that many homeowners face, and often, discovering what is possible with your current home in one of Pride Road’s sought-after Concept Design Workshop helps homeowners with their decision making. 

In this blog, we have summed up some of the main things we think you should know about making that decision – to renovate or to move home. 

To move home

You get to start afresh

Moving can give you a sense of starting afresh. When moving to a new area, you can try and change all the things you don’t like about where you are now – maybe it’s a quieter area, better neighbours, a better school, the lifestyle suits you better. 

You can get a modern new home

You could find yourself a modern new home, with a layout that just wouldn’t have been possible in your old place, a kitchen with all the latest tech and a much larger garden with a nice view. All the kind of things that you might not be able to get with your current home.

You don’t need to deal with the hassle of renovation

Perhaps the thought of renovating your home is scary, uprooting different rooms and your home in chaos. If it sounds like your version of hell, maybe it’s not something you want to go through. This can be a tough one, but there are things you can do to make renovation easier (just ask an architect!) 

You do need to deal with the hassle of moving

If you’ve moved homes a few times before then just the thought of that process is enough to make you squirm. No one really likes moving, and if you’ve lived in your current home a long time, moving could be quite an ordeal!

Moving is expensive

Buying a new house isn’t going to be cheap – especially if you want to avoid doing any work to the new place – and with the costs of not only buying but selling and moving too, things could get real expensive fast. Think; deposit, valuation fees, removal fees, surveys, stamp duty, arrangement fees. This could all stack up. 

To renovate

Renovating will be cheaper

Renovating is going to be far cheaper than buying a new property. Especially with an architect on board, you can make sure your renovation is well thought out and efficient and keep costs low. For more tips on making your renovation cheaper, click here

You get to make it your own

Through renovating, you can really make your house your dream home again. You are in control. At a Concept Design Workshop with your architect, you can get your ideas, thoughts and plans all put down on paper right at your kitchen table. Have a crazy idealistic layout and you’re not sure if it’s possible? Tell your architect and find out what’s possible and at what kind of cost. 

You can do things one by one

Thinking that you need a large remodel? Well, you can do things in stages. Your budget may only allow one room at a time, or you may be limited to a set amount each year. This can minimise disruption and mean you can do things at a pace that suits you.

You get to keep your area

If you renovate, you get to keep your neighbours, area, commute, local shops, schools. If you’ve lived in one area for a long time and this is important to you – then renovating is your perfect option!

It can be impractical or not possible

There is a chance that the things you want to do to your home are just not possible or impractical and not cost-effective. But its always best to rule this out first before you decide on moving. At a Concept Design Workshop, you can discover if your plans are possible and worth doing, and you can get these valuated. See some common reasons here why it may not be possible to extend your home.

Renovating can be disruptive

It is true that renovating your home can be disruptive and a long process, digging up your garden and smashing up walls is, of course, different from the norm, especially if you’re living in the property during the build. But, there are things that can make the process quicker and easier! This can include things like having the right people on board, a well thought out plan, building at certain times of the year when the weather is milder. 

Pride Road can make renovation an easier process

Pride Road Architects make renovation easierWhen you’re thinking of extending your home it can be an exciting prospect but also a bit daunting to begin with. You may have questions like ‘How much does a house extension cost?’, ‘Do I need planning permission for my house extension?’ ‘How long will it take?’, ‘How do I find a good builder?’… the list goes on! At this early stage, our Pride Road architect can help you to answer some of your questions!

If you live in one of our catchment areas and you’re considering extending your home, Pride Road Architects can help to ease the stressful parts of getting your house extended by guiding you through 4 easy stages; The Free Initial Consultation, The Concept Design Workshop, The Planning Application and The Building Regulations Application. Once these 4 stages with your Pride Road architect are complete then you’re ready to build! 

If you would like to book an appointment with your local Pride Road Architect then click here to book a free initial consultation today!