We were in the Telegraph Magazine Again!

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

29/03/2021, in Main Blog

On top of our personal appearance in the Telegraph, we appeared there again in a professional capacity, agreeing with the fact that there’s been a rise in demand for architectural services over lockdown.

As with any press coverage, we are thrilled about this appearance as it is a chance to share our story and communicate our message.

The article, “The room boom,” from February 2021, claims that “the interiors industry is booming” during the pandemic. It speculates that the money that would have been spent on season tickets and holidays is now being spent on garden offices, new kitchens and hot tubs. As we are forced to spend more time at home, our spaces have a greater impact on us and small changes can make large differences to our mental health. Furthermore, since many of us have been forced to work from home, we, at Pride Road, have seen a spike in demand for home offices.

Deciding whether or not to extend or remodel is often tricky; sometimes there are easy wins that allow you to get the most out of your space, but extensions and reconfigurations are often essential and life changing. We can help you make this decision: enquire today for a free, 1 hour initial consultation.