What are the Best Things About Life in Banstead?

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

21/04/2021, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

What are the Best Things About Life in Banstead?

Banstead is a location neatly situated on the borderlines of the urban bustle of London, but the serene living of the Surrey country. Many families flock to the area to set up a better life for themselves, but what makes the town offer such extraordinary living circumstances?

Our residential architect helping home-owners in Banstead, residential architect Shuahra Rahman has the answers.

Learn a Bit About Banstead

Banstead is a Surrey town located in the borough of Reigate and Banstead, featuring the status of being a Greater London town with ‘the best of both worlds.’ Here you’ll find farms, country homes, and picturesque lanes paired with urban amenities and fast transport options.

The Banstead region itself features a town of its namesake with bustling urban life, the ward of Nork facilitating country living, and the green areas of Banstead Downs. The fusion of different living scenarios and beautiful homes has made this area a very sought-after location for a move. Learn more about the area’s demographics on the council website.

Young families and retirees herald the location as an idyllic place to live. But what makes a living in Banstead so great?

Here are 4 Great Things About Banstead Living

Discover four core reasons why Banstead provides the good life to its residents.

  1. The town is the ideal crossroads between city and country living.

Banstead life has an extraordinary charm, considering it’s well within the M25 travel zone. Still, you’ll see the tranquillity and visual appeal of the Surrey countryside around you. Many urban professionals that need access to the City of London but desire more spacious, aesthetically pleasing living find much to love in the area.

  1. Banstead has a fascinating history.

The first mention of Banstead dates back as far as AD 967 in an Anglo-Saxon charter and again in the Domesday Book of 1086. There’s a millennium of history behind the town. It became well known for its farmlands supplying high-quality wool to royals of every era.

  1. The gorgeous homes are perfect for young families.

Most of the properties in Banstead were built in the 1930s, catering to families moving out of the inner city. Some older buildings create a charming, historical atmosphere in the region, and some exciting newer developments.

However, most homes are beautiful, three-bedroom semi-detached houses with sizeable gardens. The location and home features can’t be ideal for raising young families anymore.

  1. Access to amenities means residents stick around for a long time.

Residents in the area will tell you that once families and downsizers move to Banstead, they tend to stay for a very long time, if not forever. The local amenities and accessibility to various locations have a lot to do with that notion.

Banstead features excellent primary, secondary, and independent schools, including St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School and The Beacon School. There are also education options located in the neighboring London Borough of Sutton.

The town features plenty of open space for outdoor recreation like parks, football pitches, cricket grounds, etc. Let’s not forget the shops, bars, and restaurants on Banstead High Street.

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Living in Banstead

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