What’s New in Kitchen Design

Laura Simpkins

by Laura Simpkins

29/04/2024, in Design Hints and Tips | Main Blog | New Forest & Bournemouth Blog

What’s New in Kitchen Design

With thanks to Herbert Williams Kitchens, Romsey, Hampshire, https://herbertwilliam.co.uk/

I had a great trip to the lovely Herbert Williams showroom, thank you to Alice and Sarah for showing me round and explaining what is popular in kitchen design at the moment.

Skinny shaker

This is the most popular door style. A move on from the more traditional shaker look with a thinner frame and sleeker look.

In frame

The most expensive style but still very popular. Slightly less storage available but can give a more intricate look and stand out from other kitchens you may have seen.

Mock in frame / Edwardian 

This is a great option to create the in frame look without the price tag.


Solid oak are still desirable but be careful not to get misled – the key thing to look out for is a dovetail joint on the drawer upper edge. 

Graphite is a great material to consider and possibly more practical than solid wood. 

No matter the material it is important to open a drawer while looking in a showroom and check that it opens fully. 


This modern style is increasingly popular and can give a European / Scandi look. Streamlined and practical. 

Fluted glass, Reeded anything!

The fluted look is very popular and gives great texture and style. This is achieved in various materials around a kitchen, Glass, Corian and Timber

Pop up socket

Always put electricity on the island, more than you think you need. Then it can become a hub of activity and allow to plug in laptops, food processors, blenders and phone chargers.

Hob on the island

This is the most popular choice and recommended as on the whole you spend more time at the hob. It is safe to do this if it’s induction hob 

The recommended minimum distance from hob to bar stools is 600mm

Even better and a good space saving option is a Panoramic hob on an island, with pop up extractor and a hob which is 418mm deep, 916mm wide

Sink on island

If you go for this approach it is recommended to have 2 bowls in the sink, one of which is for draining. That way the washing up and drying crockery can be hidden.

Nothing on island

A great option but dependent on how much space there is in the rest of the kitchen. If this approach is taken it is recommended to have a mirror behind the sink or hob so that the cook can see what is going on and the space feels sociable.

Sintered Stone Worktops

Quartz is still the predominant choice with granite coming second, due to the great durability of these materials. (however you do need to be careful with heat and citrus)

Sintered stone is however becoming the next big thing in worktops. It is like a big porcelain tile and the pattern is printed on top. It is expensive but extremely durable. You can take something out of the oven and put it straight on the worktop. An example of a brand that makes sintered stone is Dekton, https://www.dektonsurfaces.co.uk/

Rust Red Colour

Rust red could be set to become the  new trendy colour in kitchens. 

However, for now, green is the new navy

Grey is out

Very popular is having a different colour on the island, often going a bit darker. This is a great idea as dark colour on tall units can bring the room in.

But the most popular colour in kitchens at the moment overall? Limestone.

Pantry Unit

A Pantry unit is always on the wish list. These can be quite economical and practical such as a single 600mm unit pantry with internal pull out drawers.  

Or a gorgeous instagram worthy Breakfast cupboard or bar area with bifold doors and amazing internal storage, worktop and antique mirrored splash back. 

2 sinks

Having a prep sink and washing up sink is appealing to those with the space, particularly a large island. The prep sink can go on the end of the island and the washing up sink can be tucked away to the side.

Quooker tap

These can be installed at a later date if budget has run out, just get the electrician to put the necessary fittings in. Don’t forget to get one with sparkling water!

Pot tap

The popularity of these is yet to be decided, the idea has come over from America.

Herbert Williams have a great blog section on their website, check out this blog about how to design a child friendly kitchen, https://herbertwilliam.co.uk/news/how-to-design-a-child-friendly-kitchen/

Contact Alice Murphy for any further kitchen questions, alice@herbertwilliam.co.uk