What’s the Buzz About Box Hill?

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

08/06/2022, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

Why is Box Hill becoming such a hot destination for a move? Let’s dive into the buzz behind this alluring country settlement!

What’s the Story Behind Box Hill?

Box Hill is a country region in Surrey that’s always had relevance in English history as far back as available records go. This gorgeous landscape has served as a scenic retreat even since Roman times, providing excellent workable land for a series of agricultural activities.

Though the village only began to rise in the 18th century, Box Hill continually served as a crossroads between London and Chichester. The incredible scenery and history around the settlement attract tourists with acclaimed walking trails donning the National Trust owned grasslands and forests.

We can look into a why day-trippers flock to Box Hill to get the very best of the English country lifestyle below.

Why Has Box Hill Become Such an Attractive Destination for Tourists?

There’s much to love about Box Hill, especially when Londoners frequently take advantage of its proximity to the city to soak in some natural beauty and escape the urban jungle. Flora and fauna are marvellous, and there are plenty of outdoor activities. The village has a classic English charm not seen in many satellite towns.

Those factors also attract families seeking a more pleasant, open lifestyle to move into the Box Hill area. So what are the other reasons why this village is seeing new residents?

Why Are More People Moving to Box Hill?

Here are a few reasons families choose Box Hill for their next move.

  • The spacious, charm-filled semi-detached homes.

One of the most attractive prospects about a move to Box Hill is the array of beautiful properties available to host thriving family life. There are semi-detached 3-bedroom cottages that ooze all the charm and warmth you’d expect from an English country village.

Moving into these new homes feels like a fairytale and offers space for children to have their fun and frolic!

  • You can’t knock the views!

Many residents take solace, knowing that the beautiful scenery around them will never be impeded. The lands around the village are National Trust owned. They are conservation areas that will forever retain their diverse flora and fauna, paired with the nationally famous walking trails.

Box Hill is a region for all seasons, looking stunning in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, supplemented by the gorgeous buildings of the village.

  • There’s quick accessibility to London.

Given the location, you’d find it hard to believe that Box Hill is only 19-miles away from London. The village is accessible from the Box Hill & Westhumble rail station, served by London Victoria and London Waterloo. It takes you into the city with haste should you need to commute.

No wonder Box Hill has the reputation of being such a great escape. You can transcend from the hustle and bustle of the city to country magic in just over an hour. Not to mention the area is served by London bus routes, too.

Are You Thinking of a Move to Picturesque Box Hill?

Box Hill may be your destination if you’ve been inspired to live a more relaxed country life. Pride Road Sutton & Kingston can help you create your dream home with architectural services that bring your fairytale to life.

Contact Residential Architect Shuahra Rahman for a free consultation to learn more about life in Box Hill and how we can make your vision a reality.