Would a Move to Wolston Be Good for Your Family?

Sandy Hickey

by Sandy Hickey

21/06/2021, in Main Blog | South Warwickshire Blog

If you’re looking for a place to raise a family, an idyllic town to retire in, or simply the best place to be if you’re young and want to start your adult life, then Wolston is the city for you. This small but prosperous town of just over 2,500 people is located around 30 miles east of Birmingham.

Statistically, Wolston looks like a great place to start a family or purchase your first home. However, what’s the reality behind those numbers? Would a move to the village benefit you and your current/future family?

Is Wolston a Great Place to Kickstart Your Life?

The short answer is yes, Wolston is a brilliant town to raise a family and enjoy a more serene and satisfying life. So what are the key points that underline that notion?

  • Excellent school provision.

There are several excellent schools in the area, and the town’s transport links mean it’s easy to access a broader range of educational institutions. This means that if you’re a young adult looking to raise a family, Wolston is an excellent place to be.

The highly revered surrounding schools include Knightlow C of E Primary School and Wolston St Margaret’s C of E Primary School.

  • Lots of nature-centric entertainment and activities.

Wolston may be a smaller settlement in Warwickshire, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do. Several walking trails are perfect for getting out of the town centre and exploring the beautiful local countryside.

Being a resident means you’ll be able to explore the endless parks and forests, always discovering something intriguing. There’s enough space for sporting activities or whatever adventures you and your children can conjure.

  • A complete suite of amenities to keep life going.

One would expect a limited number of amenities considering the size of Wolston, but the village has everything you need. You’ll find pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, and shops packed into the town centre, meaning you won’t have to travel far to get all of your family’s essentials.

  • Affordable housing options.

Finally, there are also some affordable housing options in the area that are perfect for families who are looking to get on the property ladder. This means that if you’re a couple in Wolston looking to start a family, the options are fantastic.

You’ll likely find yourself living near thriving schools, parks and green spaces, and a wide variety of shops and businesses. Some exceptional semi-detached and detached homes are available with multiple bedrooms for around the £300,000 mark.

  • Wolston is well-connected.

Wolston itself doesn’t have a train station, but fear not – there are many not too far away! The closest rail station is Coventry, situated around a 7-mile drive from the village, which is connected to destinations around the country, including Birmingham (25-mins away) and London Euston (90-mins).

Even by road, you’ll be able to hop on the motorway and access the Midlands and Southern English destinations in a reasonable timeframe.


Let Pride Road’s Experienced Residential Architects Be your Guide

Wolston makes the ideal location to start or raise a family. It’s home to fantastic parks and green spaces that offer plenty of recreation and leisure time opportunities. Many excellent pubs and restaurants are perfect for catching up with friends or celebrating special occasions.

Pride Road knows what it takes to curate the best family home in Wolston. Please do get in touch with us if you’re considering a move to the village. Contact our Residential Architect around the Wolston area, Sandy Hickey, Of Pride Road South Warwickshire, for more information or if you’re looking to facilitate a move to this wonderful area!