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2016: My Highlights – The First Year Of An Architectural Franchise

by Lisa Raynes

05/01/2017, in Main Blog

It’s been a great year but with some challenging moments for me (Lisa).

2016 was the year Raynes Architecture became ‘Pride Road – the architect your home deserves’ and so, the architectural practice franchise was launched. The year has been spent learning about franchising and starting to recruit architects who want a better work life balance, whilst maintaining my work as an architect and juggling very complex family needs.

January – Started the year with Magda wanting to come on board as my pilot franchisee (before we rebranded, the working title was Roar). Bought a Macbook. Charlie struggled her way through year 6.

February – Iain took me to Rome for Valentine’s Day.

March – Attended RIBA council meeting in Edinburgh.

April – Commissioned Agency Spring to do branding, hello Pride Road. Got Agency Spring to build website. Iain’s first Pesach. Took kids to Israel, on my own – had to shorten holiday as grandpa died. Roof leaked in my house. Dealt with emergencies on my own.

May – Started working with franchise consultant Kathryn Orange on my architectural business.

June – Commissioned franchise agreement. Jointly bought Redshank, a 70ft narrowboat. Launched Pride Road (the architectural practice franchise – not another narrowboat!).

July – Gave first talk on franchising to Women in Property NW.

August – Completed prospectus and got printed. Family holiday on boat, did the Cheshire Ring. Went away with Iain and his kids to Mallorca.

September – Gave talk in Leeds to Women in Property and in London at Ben Derbyshire’s office. Ben became president elect. Charlie started high school.

October – Engaged digital agency Project Octo – getting lots of franchisee enquires.

November – Became VAT registered. Got flyers printed. Month of talks, London at RIBA guerrilla tactics, Architex Liverpool, University of Reading, and London RIBA CPD. Ran first discovery day (where potential franchisees find out more about the business). Alex diagnosed as autistic. Took Alex to London to see Curious incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. (it was an exhausting month!)

December – Family emergency with Alex. Flew to Belfast to give 2 talks (not related to Alex) Spoke to lots of architects interested in joining Pride Road. Now have 3 potential franchisees lined up for discovery day in January.

If you would like to find out more about Pride Road, or join us on our architect franchise discovery day, please click www.prideroad.co.uk