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6 Different Kitchen Types

07/06/2017, by Lisa Raynes, in Design Hints and Tips | Liverpool Blog | Main Blog

When it comes to designing your kitchen, layout is everything.

Arranging your fridge, hob and sink no more than 6ft apart will make your day to day use of the space a lot easier, and there are many different ways to achieve this. Which of these classic kitchen types is most similar to your home? 

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Great for small spaces, the galley kitchen has two runs of parallel worktops and units with a walkway in the middle. 


Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island adds additional worktop surface to a kitchen and can be used to house appliances and extra cupboard storage. 

contemporary kitchen island


L-Shaped Kitchen

Using an L-Shaped layout for your kitchen helps to make the most of your corner space and provides you with an open plan room for you to combine your kitchen and dining area. 

L shaped transitional kitchen

Peninsula Kitchen

A Peninsula layout can turn an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen and provides a social, informal dining space. peninsula kitchen


U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen allows you to maximise your storage space by having cupboards and units on three walls of the kitchen. 

U shaped kitchen


Wall Kitchen

By arranging your units in a way that maximises storage, having your kitchen on one wall means you can use the space in the rest of your room for a dining table or other furniture.

single wall kitchen

Want to make the most of your current kitchen? Read our Kitchen top tips here

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written by Catherine Traynor